What does your dad do

My students were learning names of jobs and what people do, for instance, a police officer keeps our community safe, a firefighter puts out fires, a taxi driver drives around town, etc. They also learned to describe their parents´ schedule. After a few classes and significant practice on the topic, we wrapped this lesson up with a writing task in which they wrote about their parents. We used an app called CHATTER PIX, which allows users to add a voice to a picture. No need to mention they had a blast! Check out our video.

OPTION 2: Students draw themselves in the clothes of the professional they want to become when they grow up and write about it. They can explain their choice by using a reason or an adjective.


1) When I grow up, I want to be a doctor because I want to help sick people.
2) I want to be a vet because I love animals and I want to help sick animals.
3) I want to be an architect because I think it´s interesting/fun/lucrative.

In the end, they record their text by using CHATTER PIX.

Tip: Allow students to practice reading their text before recording it, so you can correct any pronunciation difficulties they may have.


My Super Duper Friends

After practicing the use of the third person in the Simple Present, students are to draw and write about their best friend.

Just like any other teenager, Super Duper also has his gang. They hang out and have fun together. Let’s meet them.

Super Duper Friends - Turma 2

Downloadable Material

My Super Duper School

The images below are supposed to be used to practice describing one’s school. Students can practice CAN for permission, CAN’T for prohibition, HAVE TO for obligation and DON’T HAVE TO for not necessary. They can also practice saying which their favorite subject is and when they have it and which their least favorite subject is.To wrap things up, students may be asked to write a short paragraph about their school.

Super Duper studies in the morning. He goes to school in Brasília, Brazil. Click on the picture below and see what it is like.

Super Duper Backpack


A Short Biography

Captura de Tela 2015-06-26 às 08.42.54

Dani Lyra asked me to make a set of drawings about John Lennon´s biography in order to use it as a teaser.The teaching point here is the past form of the verbs. The teacher prints the images and displays them randomly. Students guess the sequence of events and come up with the story. Afterwards, teacher plays the video, so students can check the correct order. The other way around is also possible, that is, show students the video first and then, check whether they remember the sequence. In the end, students research information about late famous people and write a short biography each. They can also draw them, which is the most fun part of the project. Here are a few questions to guide them:

1) When and where was he/she born?

2) What did he/she do?

3) When and how did he/she die?

My Super Duper Routine

The activities suggested below have been designed to practice the third person of the Simple Present, action verbs, time phrases, and sequence words. As a wrap up, students may be asked to write about their daily routine as well.

Super Duper has a very busy daily routine. Here’s what he does on weekdays.