Super Duper

Super Duper Resolutions

Super Duper has made a few resolutions for 2015. Check them out by clicking on the picture.

My Super Duper Family

Super Duper is a teenager and he lives with his parents, who are loving parents and who are always there for him. Check out how cute his family is.

Captura de Tela 2015-07-01 às 10.59.04Super Duper when he was little.

Images – Downloadable 

Idioms 4

Super Duper has always had a crush on Melissa but he was always afraid to make a move. However,  one day things changed and Melissa noticed him. Well, the rest of the story is here.

Brazil X Germany

” It was not a bad dream, because if it had been one, we would have woken up” (Tino Marcos). It is real. The chance to be champion for the sixth time has been postponed once again. However, I always try to see the bright side of everything. We cannot always win and everything in life, good or bad, is a lesson to be learned.

February in Brazil

In Brazil, the number one holiday in February is Carnaval, which is deemed the largest collective party in the entire world. It´s a five-day holiday, that´s right, a five-day holiday in which people go away, relax and have fun. A traditional activity during this period is getting together to sing and dance. In different parts of Brazil, the musical style during carnaval ranges from regional folk music to the carioca samba.  ” Foliões”, which is how the people who participate in the celebration are called, either travel to the coast or go to Rio and Sao Paulo to see the samba schools´ parades. Each school presents a theme and parade accordingly and during the parade, a group of jurors analyse and grade every aspect of it, from the clothes they wear to the music they play. The parades officially start out in São Paulo on Friday and Saturday. The two parades take place in Anhembi and are broadcast live to all viewers. On Sunday and Monday, it´s Rio´s schools’ turn to astonish the viewers with their costumes, props and ornamented cars. Sapucaí is the place chosen for such monumental event, which is also broadcast live to anyone who´s willing to see it. On Tuesday and Wednesday, the results come out and Rio and Sao Paulo´s winning schools celebrate their victory with the Winners´ Parade, also broadcast live. Every year, carnaval is held in February. However, this year it´s from March 1st to March 5th, which is pretty unusual. Still, brazilians love it because any reason is a reason to sing and dance, even when the date is not right.

January in Brazil

In Brazil, January is usually a period for vacationing. After New Year’s Day though, many people continue working normally. School term, however, only starts in February. This year in particular, because the World Cup will be held here, school term will start late January. Apart from New Year’s Day and Peace Day, both on January 1st, there are no other significant celebrations this month.

Super Duper Worth it

Well All they have left now is their memories of this fantastic trip. Take a look at the album they made.

           Suggestions for Activities

Boo hoo! Vacation is over and we’re on our way back to Brazil. Although many people think traveling is more exhausting than relaxing, I think otherwise. Traveling and being able to meet different people  and see different places is totally worth it! It’s worth the twelve-hour flight and other little inconveniences such as the freezing weather.  I’ll have wonderful memories and stories to tell.The activities below have as a final outcome ‘writing about your last vacation’.

Super Duper Bummer!

Nooooo!!! Time flies when you’re having fun. It’s a bummer that we’re leaving tomorrow. There’s still so much to be seen and done! Today, we went to  MANITOU SPRINGS. We went hiking exploring, shopping and, of course,  we grabbed a bite to eat. A great place to spend some time in and shop for souvenirs.  The weather was about 8oC in the afternoon, hotter than the previous days but still cold, compared to Brasilia. The houses built there are magnificent. I only wanted to take pictures of them.

Super Duper Close

We had tons of fun today. Five minutes away from our hotel, OLD COLORADO CITY is a place full of galleries, specialty shops, boutiques and restaurants with live music.

Super Duper Awesome

Going to Colorado and not going skiing is like going to Brazil and not eating feijoada or having a caipirinha (a local food and drink). We would have loved to go to Aspen but it was a four-hour trip, so we chose to go to ARAPAHOE BASIN, a ski resort which is known for having one of the longest ski seasons in North America (often from mid-October to early June) and is only two hours away from our hotel. Needless to say it was totally AWESOME!

Super Duper Family Fun

Colorado Springs today was beautiful. Let’s face it! I love my hometown, Brasilia, but snow is something I will never see there as long as I live. Therefore, I’m enjoying every minute of this fantastic trip. Despite the temperature, which was -5o C, we didn’t have any snow. We had the sun and a few clouds, though. PIKES PEAK is one hour and ten minutes away from our hotel. We left the hotel in the morning, so we could enjoy our visit as much as possible. We’ve been to GARDEN OF THE GODS, too, where we have exhibits, walks, hikes and tours. Never before had I seen such beauty. I’m delighted by it’s uniqueness and breathtaking views!

We’ve been to CHEYENNE MOUNTAIN ZOO, where we tried delicious food, visited and fed the animals and watched the Animal Show.

Super Duper Cold

Just in case you’re wondering whether this trip really happened or not, the information in the posts that follow are  about real places (click on the picture). I carefully researched info such as weather, distances between places and activities done there during the period of January.(Cleide)
We got here yesterday. It’s 9:34 now. This is the Broadmoore Hotel here in Colorado Springs. It’s -12o C. SUPER DUPER FREEZING!!!! Mom and dad are inside having breakfast. Despite the cold weather, which I love, I can’t wait to go sightseeing and make some memories. I’ll keep you guys posted!

At Last: My Well Deserved Vacation

Colorado 1

My parents and I have just finished packing. We finally have everything prepared for our next vacation.  We’re not going to Europe though. We’re flying to Sao Paulo and there, we’re taking a plane to Colorado. We’re going to stay at a hotel. My parents get bored very easily, so we’re going to stay there for just a week. If I’m lucky, I’ll talk them into staying longer.

It’s gonna be an eleven-hour flight from Sao Paulo to our destination but it’s fine by me! I’m so excited, I just can’t keep still. Bye!

Happy New Year!!!

In Brazil, we celebrate New Year’s by wearing white clothes and having a delicious meal at the strike of midnight. At midnight, we also gather to see the fireworks on the street and the fireworks the mainstream TV stations broadcast from different parts of the world. We stay up until the crack of dawn playing games, talking, drinking and eating a lot. The next day, we wake up very late and eat the left overs for lunch.

Idioms 3

Yeah…it’s official. Super Duper definitely HAS A THING for that girl. You can tell he really FELL FOR her.

My Super Duper Friends

After practicing the use of the third person in the Simple Present, students are to draw and write about their best friend.

Just like any other teenager, Super Duper also has his gang. They hang out and have fun together. Let’s meet them.

Super Duper Friends - Turma 2

Downloadable Material

Merry Christmas!!!

Click on the picture to see how Super Duper’s festivities went.

Getting Ready For Christmas: A Family Night

Captura de Tela 2015-07-11 às 10.00.28
I celebrate Christmas with my parents. It’s great to be together on such night because it’s a family night in which we exchange gifts and have a delicious meal. We say a prayer, sing Christmas songs and eat  when the clock strikes midnight. We talk, play games and then we go to bed very late. It’s so great because the next day we can stay in bed and relax. Because we get up late, we eat the previous night´s left overs. I love Christmas!!!!

Count Down For Christmas: Cooking a Feast

Captura de Tela 2015-07-11 às 10.01.38

In Brazil, we usually have a feast that is prepared throughout the day and served at eleven o’clock p.m. However, some families wait until midnight, so they can eat. Turkey is a must on Christmas night. Traditionally, we also have “farofa” (toasted manioc flour), rice and potato salad.

A Cold Buffet & Shrimp Cocktail
Roast Turkey with Gravy & Rice with Raisins
Farofa & Potato Salad
Milk Pudding

Count Down for Christmas: Shopping

Captura de Tela 2015-07-11 às 10.02.52

In Brazil, many people are still drawn to shopping at Christmas time. At least among the people I know, exchanging gifts is a solid tradition and I don’t see it ending any time soon. However, Brazil still is  a catholic country, so lots of people go to the church on Christmas night for a two-hour celebration in order to remind themselves of the real meaning of this date.

Count Down for Christmas: Setting Up The Tree

Captura de Tela 2015-07-11 às 10.02.25
We start decorating the tree on November 30th. The Church suggests that we do it during the four weeks that preceed Christmas, little by little. In some families, children decorate the tree and are taught the real meaning of such important night. Traditionally, the tree is left up until January 6th, which is the day when the three kings found Jesus.

Count Down for Christmas: Going Through Christmas Stuff

Captura de Tela 2015-07-11 às 10.02.04

Streets, stores and houses have been decorated, trees have been set up, lights have been lit, feasts have been thought through and presents have been bought. We’re all waiting for the most important holiday of all and it’s time for me to start sorting out the ornaments for our Christmas tree. How about you? Have you started prepping for Christmas yet?

Change Of Plans

Right now, I’m upset because we’re not going to Europe for the holidays anymore. We’re going after the holidays because of dad’s work. Bummer!


However, I’m glad December is coming because it’s my favorite time of the year. I’m going to start prepping the house for the festivities. There is a lot to do.

December is around the corner

School term is almost over and I’m super duper excited because this year my parents and I are going to Europe for the holidays. I just can’t wait!!!

November in Brazil

On November 2nd, we honor our late family members by visiting cemeteries all over the country. We take flowers to decorate the graves of beloved ones and candles to be lit. We also pray and reflect about life and its shortness. On November 15th, we celebrate the Proclamation of the Republic. Schools don´t open and we don´t work either. We don’t do anything special on this day. It´s a day to rest and have fun with family and friends.

My Super Duper Costume

I went shopping today and tried on some cool costumes but it took me a while to finally find the right one. I hope you like it as much as I did. It fits me like a glove!

Super Duper Costume 3

Photocopiable Material

My Costume for Halloween

This year, I’m celebrating Halloween but I haven’t decided what to wear yet! Well, actually I have something in mind but I’m  still mulling it over . I don’t wanna make any mistakes. Anyways, I’m going to a costume store next week, so I’ll keep you posted. By the way, do you celebrate Halloween? Have you decided what to wear yet?

October in Brazil

Super Duper

People in Brazil celebrate Children’s Day on October 12th. On this day, they post their baby photos on Facebook. They also buy children presents and play games with them. On the same day, they also celebrate a catholic holiday called Nossa Senhora Aparecida’s Day, in honor to Jesus’s mother. In Brasília, the capital of Brazil, faithful catholics gather at Esplanada (a place where outdoor events and concerts take place) for a Mass. On October 15th, they also have Teacher’s Day, when schools don’t open. On this five-day holiday (it starts on the 12th and it is extended to the 15th), teachers have some time to rest and some of them even travel.

Idioms 2

Super Duper is an excentric teen. He wears a cape and his parents nag him about it whenever they have a chance. They’re getting on his nerves!!! Let’s hope that he finds a girlfriend soon. Maybe then, he’ll lose the cape.

My Super Duper School

The images below are supposed to be used to practice describing one’s school. Students can practice CAN for permission, CAN’T for prohibition, HAVE TO for obligation and DON’T HAVE TO for not necessary. They can also practice saying which their favorite subject is and when they have it and which their least favorite subject is.To wrap things up, students may be asked to write a short paragraph about their school.

Super Duper studies in the morning. He goes to school in Brasília, Brazil. Click on the picture below and see what it is like.

Super Duper Backpack


Idioms 1

Carla Arena asked me to draw some idioms for a project of hers, so for my first drawing I took advantage of the moment and drew about something that has been bothering me recently. Words such as PLEASE, EXCUSE ME and THANK YOU are dying little by little!
When do you feel angry?

I love Thursday nights

Don’t you just love Thursdays?
Super Duper enjoys Thursday nights because the next day is Friday and he has physical education in school. It´s his favorite subject. He plays basketball and has a lot of fun. How about you? What’s your favorite day of the week?

My Super Duper Pets

I used this activity to practice describing pets, their names and colors. After that, students drew their own pet and wrote about them.
 Super Duper loves animals and so do his friends. Click and find out about them.
Super Duper Pet

My Super Duper Weekend

The activities proposed for these illustrations are similar to the ones proposed for “My Super Duper Routine”. The ultimate purpose is to have students write about themselves. Super Duper has a lot of fun on the weekend. Check him out.

Captura de Tela 2015-01-20 às 15.50.41


My Super Duper Routine

The activities suggested below have been designed to practice the third person of the Simple Present, action verbs, time phrases, and sequence words. As a wrap up, students may be asked to write about their daily routine as well. Super Duper has a very busy daily routine.

Super Duper

This is Super Duper, a character I created to illustrate this blog. The idea behind the blog is to combine something I love doing, which is drawing, and my students’ work in the EFL classroom. I usually use drawing in class, especially with my younger learners, because I think it adds a fun element to the classroom environment. I´d like to thank  Carla Arena, a workmate and digital expert, who suggested that I create the character and have it all over the blog. Without further ado…Super Duper.

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