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Captura de Tela 2015-07-12 às 11.18.41

I have been an EFL teacher for 24 years now and I’m a teacher at Casa Thomas Jefferson in Brasília. I graduated in Arts at the University of Brasília but I taught the subject for just one year actually. I have been drawing since I was 6. I remember drawing my dream home at this age. It would have a pool and walls with huge stones. I  also remember drawing perspective views, which made my mother astonished. I love being creative and I push my students to be creative as well. Whether it’s a piece of writing in which they have to come up with the end of a story or the drawing of their pet, I try to provide them with the tools they need in order to be as creative as possible and I’m glad to say I have seen many talented and creative people throughout these years. Unfortunately, I don´t always have the time to feed (regularly) the three blogs I have, but I have made it my number one resolution for 2016. I hope I succeed.


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