What’s the weather like today?

Here´s a very simple activity to practice questions and answers using weather vocabulary. First, students draw and color on a small piece of paper one type of weather.

Then, write prompts on the board: What´s the weather like today? It´s …

After that, they are instructed to do the following: They all stand up. Student A will ask Student B a question about the picture they (Student A) have in their hands. Student B answers the question and asks a question about the picture they (Student B) have  in their hands. After they finish asking and answering each other a question, they exchange their slips and go find another peer to ask a different question (a question about the new slip they have in hands.) They will continue doing it until they have talked to every one. The last person they will talk to will be the one who has their drawing in hands, so they can get it back and keep it.



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