Resolutions 2015

Ok, here we go again! It’s time to think about our resolutions for 2015. Have you made your list yet? I usually don’t bother, but I’m putting my foot down. I’m going to lose weight starting on Monday. My plan is to lose 11 pounds in the next 6 months. How about you?

“I’m going to lose weight.”

Elections 2014

Last october, Brazilians voted for president and unlike previous elections, this one was marked by  fierce and really nasty comments of the candidates about their opponents’ character. Instead of talking about their platform, they attacked each other trying to make them look unreliable to the voters (which explains the opening remark in the video). Thus,  I took this opportunity to assign a project for my teen students. Since they were learning the first conditional, they were supposed to pretend they were running for president and create a political platform in which they stated what they would do in case they won. They were supposed to use the possible starters below:

1) If you vote for me, I will… 2) If I win this election, I will… 3) If I have your vote/ support, I will… 4) If you give me a chance, I will…

When they finished writing their platforms, I proofread them and provided them with comments and suggestions. After that, the students used the school’s IPads to design a poster, in which they would draw a symbol for their campaign, think of an “imaginary” party/number and come up with a catch phrase. The drawing app they used was DRAWP because it’s super user friendly.

Once their posters were done, we filmed their platforms. I projected their posters on the data show screen and they read their material. I suggest that they practice for awhile before recording the video. (However, as much as they rehearse, they will always mispronounce one, two or some of the words. Believe me, I’ve tried. As much as I recorded them again, a new mispronunciation occurred. Inspite of that, they consolidated the structure, which  was a big deal). The videos are time consuming, therefore, I suggest that you assign this project to only one group of few students. I had 8 students In this class.

To wrap things up, we had an election in school. We set up a room with the video on, a ballot and voting slips displayed on a desk. Everyone going past the room was invited to go inside, watch the video and vote for one of the candidates.

In the end, the winner got a token.