A Short Biography

Captura de Tela 2015-06-26 às 08.42.54

Dani Lyra asked me to make a set of drawings about John Lennon´s biography in order to use it as a teaser.The teaching point here is the past form of the verbs. The teacher prints the images and displays them randomly. Students guess the sequence of events and come up with the story. Afterwards, teacher plays the video, so students can check the correct order. The other way around is also possible, that is, show students the video first and then, check whether they remember the sequence. In the end, students research information about late famous people and write a short biography each. They can also draw them, which is the most fun part of the project. Here are a few questions to guide them:

1) When and where was he/she born?

2) What did he/she do?

3) When and how did he/she die?


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